1st Week

So it only really dawned on me this morning when a friend congratulated me on “making it through the first week back at School” that we’ve only been back 5 days! With Christmas and New Year feeling like a million years ago, we can’t quite believe how much we’ve both crammed into one working week! 

Saturday saw our first Chichester Tuition Hub Sessions, and we had so much fun. A year 11 student made some real progress in his GCSE Maths and we had a small group of Primary Students working on fine motor skills, numeracy and handwriting. We even managed to fit in a Science experiment! 

We were both in our respective Schools all week, and I even had two mornings where a couple of Year 11 students decided to join me at 7:15am for breakfast and some extra Maths. It’s always amazing to see teenagers being productive first thing in the morning- especially when it comes to Trigonometry!! We’ve got our sessions planned for tomorrow and we’re excited for what’s in store. 

Think your child might benefit from some extra support or additional challenge? Send us a message about how we can support you!  

Confidence in Maths and Science

Okay, so this one is fairly big for us. Time and time again as teachers, we see students silently ‘opting out’, choosing to initiate a conversation with a friend or avoid the teacher’s glance, in the hopes that no-one will notice. “Having a go” is scary, and confidence is key. We all get things wrong, and we all find things tough. But try, practise and get feedback. Progress will follow.

Tutoring is such a great tool to support confidence. Just one session can make all the difference in comprehending a certain topic, making students more likely to contribute and involve themselves when it comes to returning to the classroom. My favourite is “I hate fractions”. It’s music to my ears! Let me teach you how we work with fractions, their rules and their patterns. Practise, praise, challenge. All of a sudden, they’re a little bit more enjoyable, until they become so much easier, that smashing out the answer becomes satisfying, and it’s no longer a topic you dread, but a topic you look forward to cropping up in lesson- so you can raise that hand!! 🙋🏼‍♀️

Maths and Science are tough. The new curriculum is tougher. The goalposts are shifted and the expected standard is being raised. Chichester Tuition Hub are there to support you and your child. Get in touch if you just have a question for us, or if you’d like to book a session.


Back to School

I’m sure we only just broke up for the Christmas holidays?! Yesterday saw us both return to our respective Schools, Ross for a day of teaching and an INSET day for me. For our Year 11 student’s, it starts to feel scarily real now, as exam season is in sight! 

I spoke to staff at my School today about the amazing power that “Walking Talking Mocks” can have. Essentially, these are walk throughs of a past exam paper, sat in the exam hall, with guidance from the teacher on how to complete it and gain the most marks. Whilst it may seem controversial, exam technique plays a huge part in accessing higher grades- plus I’ve seen the confidence it’s given students first hand. There’s something really powerful about sitting in an exam hall, an often quite daunting place, and knowing exactly what to right to achieve full marks. 

I guess for me, I would liken it to your boss showing you the exact expectation of a final product, showing you the end goal and how to get there. What do you think? 

Happy New Year!

Wow, where to begin?! We’re so excited to be formally launching this site! Thank you so much for taking the time to have a look at what we’re doing here!

Tutoring is something we’ve both always loved. As teachers in classrooms, we are able to inspire and develop a love of learning in so many students, but there is something so special about engaging with students in a small group or one to one. Of course, when we teach, we run around that classroom like crazy people, checking in with as many students as we can- but nothing quite compares with the progress that can be made by individual tutoring.

As Science and Maths teachers, we’re seeing more and more students turn to tutoring to boost their confidence and support their learning. Being able to sit down with a specialist and tackle misconceptions, go over something that didn’t make sense in class, or just get an extra individual challenge- that makes for amazing progress. Even better, when you go back to the classroom, or see that question again- you’re all the more prepared and confident.

If you feel we could support you or your child, feel free to book in via our “Book A Session” page. The new curriculum is a lot to get your head around, as a parent (and for us teachers!!), so even if you just have a question for us, please don’t hesitate to send us an email, or fill out the form on our contact page. We’d be more than happy to help!